Monday, September 14, 2009

My Mara Girl

Yesterday we watched the neighbor girls from 4-7PM. Mara, Sonna, Bailey and Blair play really well together. I was interested to see Mara spent more time playing with Bailey this time. Bailey and Mara are both 4. Usually Mara spends all her time with Blair who is 2 years older. She typically gravitates towards the older kids. At any rate, when Randy came to get the girls, they asked for more time to play. The parents declared it was bathtime. After the girls left, Mara said "I'm so tired Mommy; I needed to go to bed already". I commented that it was neat to hear that she can express what she needs. Mara said "When Blair and Bailey were here I told you that I needed to go to bed". I said "No you didn't, but I did hear you and Bailey making plans for a sleepover tonight". Funny. It was like she was struggling with both her needs and her wants and she was caught in the middle. Sleep won out. And not the sleep-over kind.

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