Monday, April 26, 2010

The Joy of a Cardboard Box

The kitchenette at camp got new kitchen cabinets and Jedd wisely brought the boxes home, intact, for the girls on Friday. Oh, did that make for a fun weekend! Jedd used his utility knife to cut elaborate windows and doors, as designed by Mara. I had never seen roofs constructed out of cardboard box houses but leave it to Jedd and his daughter who likes to conceptualize things and create (i.e. Legos). She didn't get that gift from her mom! Hours of fun and creative story lines including wind and rain storms, bedtime, hide and seek, etc.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Silly Sisters and the Bread of Life

The girls have so much fun together. In another week and a half, Mara will be 5 and Sonna will be 3. They have 45 minutes of quiet time each day and they like to be together in the play room and keep themselves entertained quite nicely. Lately, Sonna has started saying "Come on, Sis!" when she wants to show Mara something or is leading the way outside.
Today Sonna was playing at the coffee table while I was sitting on the couch. Sonna said, "Body of Christ given for you". Communion is Sonna's favorite part of weekly worship. She asks, "Is it time for bread yet?" And you should see her nearly skipping down the aisle, holding her precious little hands together to receive the chunk of bread and then so carefully receive her little cup of grape juice. Mara and Sonna started receiving communion when they were old enough to eat food. This is such a beautiful practice at our church back in Minneapolis, Grace University Lutheran. When we moved to Montana and joined Eidsvold Lutheran, Pastor Wayne said the church would honor our previous tradition (of having toddlers receive the bread) as a sign of hospitality. This was a big shift for Eidsvold and we are thankful for their flexibility. If my not quite three year old can say the words, "Body of Christ given for you" in her play, she surely knows something of God's love for her.

A Week Later

One week ago today the girls were making snowpeople and the last 4 days have been warm enough to wear shorts and even mow the lawn! 80 degrees! We even have sun-kissed cheeks. Ah . . . the power of the sunshine!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Grandma Margaret's visit

After our Easter in Seattle, Grandma drove back with us and spent the week with us. It was wonderful! The day she left on the train, Mara said "I wish Grandma was just coming today and was staying this whole week!" They soaked up all the extra attention and so did I. We accomplished some projects (sorting toys, washing some windows, and figuring out what summer clothes will fit the girls this summer). Our girls love to play games and they certainly get that from their Grandma Margaret. So lots of games were played this week: UNO, Sorry!, Candyland, Sequence and even puzzles. And Jedd and I enjoyed a night out and some extra TLC this week. The top picture is of the Hello Kitty Suitcases on rollers that the girls received as an early birthday present from Grandma. Lucky girls! Here are some pictures of the week.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Sonna's photo shoot of her baby dolls

I was quite amused when I uploaded the last batch of pictures to the computer. Sonna had taken 25+ pictures of her babies in various sitting positions. These are two I saved. She actually centered the subjects quite nicely for an almost 3 year old!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April Snow Showers

I like snow, just not at the end of an already long winter. In spite of doing some good self-care planning to take a solo trip to Arizona to spend a long weekend with my parents and sister back in February, my trip was hijacked by a raging case of bronchitis. I rescheduled my getaway for the following weekend but we needed to make an emergency trip back to MN to be with Jedd's dad. At any rate, I'm ready for a change of seasons this mid April and I long to feel the warmth of the sunshine on my face again.

Mara had the good idea to make the most of it and build some snow people. Sonna declared that she wanted to go outside and make a snow pumpkin. I think she meant snowman but I guess you carve a face on a pumpkin like you create a face on a snowman. It was a little mixed up in her brain, or maybe not at all.

To our surprise, the girls both slept til 8:30 this morning - delightful for this pregnant mom! Their usual internal clock wakes them at 7 AM. We were running late to preschool that starts at 9 AM. I planned to wear my sweats but Mara protested, "Mom, you can't wear your pajamas to drop me off". I put on jeans and my coat over my sweatshirt to appease her. When we got back from taking Mara to preschool, even Sonna asked "Are you going to take a shower today?". Oh, goodness sakes. They didn't learn about good hygiene from their dad so I guess I can just blame this one on myself.

Later I asked Sonna what she wanted to wear today. She said, "A dress, pants, tights, and a tank top". She loves wearing a tank top as an undershirt.

Sonna is also collecting things for "our baby". Today's pile included baby spoons (that are still in the silverware drawer), a toy that spins and lights up when you push a button, and a John Deere ribbon lovey made by Aunt Louie for our baby. Very sweet. Five more months is going to be a long wait for Sonna. The top picture is a self portrait taking by Sonna herself. She like to borrow the camera.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Weekend with the Seattle Cousins

Claire Helen and Aunt Annika at Cousin Daron's church in Polsbo
Bedtime storytime with Aunt Stephanie. The girls got to have a sleepover in their cousins' room.

Grandpa Paul and adorable Penny at the hotel pool.

Swimming at the pool with Grandma and Grandpa.

The hotel even had a fun Easter Egg Hunt!

Grandma Margaret and Grandpa Paul gave the girls a wonderful kite and they were so excited to fly it! (I would upload a picture of the kite if I had more patience but our computer is rather slow).

Simon, Ella, Fia, Sonna, Mara, Claire, and Kwame all relaxed before Easter dinner. Thanks to Daron and Kristin's parents who had us all over for dinner after Easter worship at their church, Alive.