Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April Snow Showers

I like snow, just not at the end of an already long winter. In spite of doing some good self-care planning to take a solo trip to Arizona to spend a long weekend with my parents and sister back in February, my trip was hijacked by a raging case of bronchitis. I rescheduled my getaway for the following weekend but we needed to make an emergency trip back to MN to be with Jedd's dad. At any rate, I'm ready for a change of seasons this mid April and I long to feel the warmth of the sunshine on my face again.

Mara had the good idea to make the most of it and build some snow people. Sonna declared that she wanted to go outside and make a snow pumpkin. I think she meant snowman but I guess you carve a face on a pumpkin like you create a face on a snowman. It was a little mixed up in her brain, or maybe not at all.

To our surprise, the girls both slept til 8:30 this morning - delightful for this pregnant mom! Their usual internal clock wakes them at 7 AM. We were running late to preschool that starts at 9 AM. I planned to wear my sweats but Mara protested, "Mom, you can't wear your pajamas to drop me off". I put on jeans and my coat over my sweatshirt to appease her. When we got back from taking Mara to preschool, even Sonna asked "Are you going to take a shower today?". Oh, goodness sakes. They didn't learn about good hygiene from their dad so I guess I can just blame this one on myself.

Later I asked Sonna what she wanted to wear today. She said, "A dress, pants, tights, and a tank top". She loves wearing a tank top as an undershirt.

Sonna is also collecting things for "our baby". Today's pile included baby spoons (that are still in the silverware drawer), a toy that spins and lights up when you push a button, and a John Deere ribbon lovey made by Aunt Louie for our baby. Very sweet. Five more months is going to be a long wait for Sonna. The top picture is a self portrait taking by Sonna herself. She like to borrow the camera.


  1. I am so happy you are blogging again!!! That top picture looks like you photoshopped it with some cool digital effect. Very artsy, Sonna.

    And, I hope that it stops snowing soon for you. I think all are in agreement that April is supposed to be more springy than wintery...

  2. I love your snow people! Way to make lemonade out of lemons!