Monday, March 21, 2011

Svea is 6 months old!

My goodness, the past 6 months have flown by! Having a newborn and a kindergartner makes a parent very aware of the passing months! Svea continues to be so very sweet and cuddly. She is happy to be admired and passed around at church and brightens everyone's day. Recently we received a beautiful alphabet cross-stitch wall hanging with Svea's name and birth date made by Mara and Sonna's preschool teacher. Teacher Carol wrote "Dear delightful Svea, You bring happiness to those who know you, just by being here and being you". I think those are lovely words. Svea is learning to sit up and examine things closely, continues to love her hands and toes, her sisters and nursing. She saves her best smiles for me (I may be biased here!) and her spirit of peaceful contentment is a joy to behold. On Saturday we went out for Chinese food and according to the Chinese symbols/animals, Svea and her Daddy are "compatible". Jedd announced this proudly. He already knew that! We are so thankful that Svea hasn't had any kidney infections and takes her antibiotic pretty well. (She doesn't like the taste of it at all - I finally tried it and it is nasty!) We love you, Svea! Happy Half Year!

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Letter K Show and Tell

Mara wanted to bring a person to show and tell. I remember that being the most exciting kind of show and tell to bring! I'm sure I brought Becca when she was a baby for show and tell. Well, last week we missed L for 'littlest Larson', and we missed S for 'sister' or 'Svea' or 'Sonna', so today Mara brought her 'Kid sisters' for the letter K. It was very sweet to see her so proud. She held Svea and even put her arm around Sonna. It was a lot of fun! Goodness, there are a lot of stuffed animals and dolls named 'Katie' (wink wink) in Mara's class!

Sonna the Swimmer/Bouncer

Sonna loved going to her swimming lessons and enjoyed meeting new friends Avery and Josie. She and Avery liked to share a shower after the lesson while rinsing their hair with conditioner and then admired each other's pajamas. Sonna will be 4 in less than two months. Such a social little person! The lessons were in the Therapy Pool, a very warm pool that is just 2 1/2 feet on one end. Sonna bounced as much as she swam around assisted by a life jacket or her instructor. Honestly, she was in constant motion from 6:30-7:00 PM.
A Sonna story: Last week while Svea was doing some tummy time on the floor, I looked over and Svea was on her back wrapped up in a blanket. I said, "Who moved Svea?". Sonna replied, "I wanted to wrap her up like Baby Jesus".
Later that day I was teaching her the song This is the Day (That the Lord Has Made). Each line is repeated. After I sang "And be glad in it", Sonna repeated "And play in the tent".

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Grandma Margaret is Coming!

Grandma Margaret is coming to visit in 3 weeks. Much excitement around here! When I told Mara she screamed. Then she said, "I don't want to make a paper chain [to countdown the days] because I want to be surprised!" The next morning, the first thing she said was "Grandma comes in 2 weeks and 6 days!" Well, she's got her own countdown!
Later that morning Sonna said she wanted to call Grandma Margaret. She dialed and said, "Hi. Are you packing?". Oh, joyful anticipation!