Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sonna Shine Fashion Girl

Claire Helen passed on this coat to Mara when we saw them over Thanksgiving. Mara hasn't wanted to wear it so I asked Sonna if she wanted to wear it to church on Sunday. She LOVED wearing it and got some compliments, of course. So today she put it on before she left for daycare and topped it off with her yellow rain boots and yellow duckie hat. I know I'm her mom, but she is so darn adorable!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mara's Ski Lessons

Mara is taking ski lessons for five consecutive Saturdays this winter. It's a great deal: ski rental plus five 2 hour lessons with an instructor, Brahm, and 5 other kids. Oh, and hot chocolate with ice cubes during their break all for $90. Since we live so close to Blacktail Mountain, we decided we couldn't pass up giving this opportunity to Mara. She even rode the chair lift yesterday! (I think that's a little scary to think about! I didn't see that, but I did get a picture of her teacher helping her catch the tow rope on the Mighty Might/Bunny Hill) Here she is in all her glory.

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Look Inside

For the last few weeks I've made a point to go on a brisk walk around our loop a few times a week. Sometimes I take the girls in the double stroller and other times I pass off the baton when Jedd walks in the door and I get out before dark. Yesterday Jedd was so thoughtful to check the 10 day forecast. It didn't look good as far as sun exposure. He said, "Annika, you better get out this afternoon because it's the only sun forecast for the next 10 days". We in the Valley live with little sun in the winter; something called an Inversion Effect. I think it means the cloud cover gets stuck in between the mountain ranges and sits around for several days in a row. So when that sun appeared from 2:30-3:30 Mara, Sonna and I made the very most of it. Tonight was one of those times I went by myself. On my first walk-by, I looked inside my own house through the big living room window and saw my girls helping their dad make a homemade pizza for supper, standing on chairs they had pulled up to the counter. It was a beautiful sight. On my second walk-by, I didn't see anyone. Once I got inside, I learned that all three were inside the tent we set up in the living room today. They were playing House. The evening rounded out with an Annie (the musical) sing-along and Legos.
(The picture captures the essence of our mornings these days. This morning, both girls wanted to sit by Daddy. Jedd makes them Malt-O-Meal each morning he gets up with them and they love it. When I get up with the girls, it's more often microwave oatmeal or cereal. We love breakfast in this family. Not usually fancy, but most often enjoyed together.) Clearly, we are in a goofy stage whenever the camera appears. (:

Happy weekend, everyone!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Few Christmas 2009 in Minnesota Memories

Our 23 hour trip back to Minnesota was a special one. We decided to drive straight through which meant we could meet our new neice, Baby Aasta, right away. She is adorable! (She is pictured above as Baby Jesus, held by Sara, and adored by Angels Mara and friends Britta and Sophie). We enjoyed a wonderful day at our old church, Grace University, in Mpls. and saw so many friends. That afternoon, the church had their children's nativity where Aasta made her Jesus debut at just 8 days old. Mara felt so welcomed and comfortable that she jumped in and participated too. I told her it was her church because that is where she was baptized.
After a visit to Grandma Joan and Grandpa Lanny's farm and to the nursing home to see Grandpa Lanny, we drove back to the Twin Cities to beat the big snow storm so we could celebrate with Mike, Sara, and Aasta, who were unable to travel with such a new baby. Next, we celebrated with Grandpa Paul and Grandma Margaret, Becca and Rory, Mat and Stephanie and Cousins Claire, Simon and Penny. The kids had SO MUCH fun together. They are good friends! Then we drove to Welcome, MN to the Jagodzinske farm for a Bredberg Christmas where we enjoyed sledding, feeding the cows, and acting out the Christmas nativity. Sonna stayed on Grandma's lap (pictured above - she was not feeling well) while Mara, Simon, and Fia were angels and Penny and Kwame were sheep. It was so fun to see the next generation enjoy the Christmas story! The picture on top is of me, Mat and Becca. We stayed in a hotel in Fairmont where everyone (kids especially) enjoyed swimming in a nice pool. We said our goodbyes after a fabulous 12 days of Christmas with family and friends and did the drive back to Montana in two days. Sonna and Mara were both running high fevers, coughing a lot, and Sonna threw up a few times (once at a rest stop where she would reassure herself by saying, "Me okay" in between throwing up). When we got back home I took her to the doctor and she had a bad ear infection. Poor kid.
Home again, home again, jiggity, jig.

Friday, January 1, 2010

"Don't panic."

So there's lots to share about our fabulous trip home to Minnesota over Christmas but tonight I'll just take a minute to share this:
After bathtime, as I was about to start combing Mara's hair I said, "Mara, your hair has lots of snarles in it". (I was warning her that after a 24 hour car trip back to Montana during which time we didn't comb her hair, it might hurt). Mara said, "ok" and she sounded strong. Sonna added, "Don't panic, Mara."