Friday, January 22, 2010

A Look Inside

For the last few weeks I've made a point to go on a brisk walk around our loop a few times a week. Sometimes I take the girls in the double stroller and other times I pass off the baton when Jedd walks in the door and I get out before dark. Yesterday Jedd was so thoughtful to check the 10 day forecast. It didn't look good as far as sun exposure. He said, "Annika, you better get out this afternoon because it's the only sun forecast for the next 10 days". We in the Valley live with little sun in the winter; something called an Inversion Effect. I think it means the cloud cover gets stuck in between the mountain ranges and sits around for several days in a row. So when that sun appeared from 2:30-3:30 Mara, Sonna and I made the very most of it. Tonight was one of those times I went by myself. On my first walk-by, I looked inside my own house through the big living room window and saw my girls helping their dad make a homemade pizza for supper, standing on chairs they had pulled up to the counter. It was a beautiful sight. On my second walk-by, I didn't see anyone. Once I got inside, I learned that all three were inside the tent we set up in the living room today. They were playing House. The evening rounded out with an Annie (the musical) sing-along and Legos.
(The picture captures the essence of our mornings these days. This morning, both girls wanted to sit by Daddy. Jedd makes them Malt-O-Meal each morning he gets up with them and they love it. When I get up with the girls, it's more often microwave oatmeal or cereal. We love breakfast in this family. Not usually fancy, but most often enjoyed together.) Clearly, we are in a goofy stage whenever the camera appears. (:

Happy weekend, everyone!

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