Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sonna Is Ready!

Yesterday Sonna woke me at our bedside just before the 7 am alarm went off asking, "What are we doing today? Where are we going? Who are we going to see?" I told her that I was hoping we'd just stay home today because we had been to town everyday this week. I suggested we bake something and she thought that was a good idea. Then she said, "We should make Happy Birthday cupcakes for our Baby!" I thought this was a great idea and decided to roll with it. Apparently we were on the same wavelength because last night I had picked out her "Big Sister's Rock" shirt for her to wear today. :)
We used my chocolate chip banana bread recipe and made them into muffins. Sonna got out her princess candles from her birthday back in May and asked me to 'candle light' her candle. We sang Happy Birthday Dear Baby and Sonna blew out her candle. A few minutes later she said, "Will you candle light my candle again, Mom?" So I did. This time, she sang Happy Birthday Dear Sonna. So darn cute.
It didn't work - baby didn't arrive yesterday but we had fun!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

For you, Becca!

I think I do this about once a week: I unconsciously dress Sonna and myself alike. Many a comment did we receive today when we were out running errands. :) (I suppose it wasn't just because Mom and Daughter were dressed alike!)
I had a nice check up today with my midwife. Hopefully this baby will arrive sometime this weekend or next week for sure. I'm 40 weeks tomorrow but we'll see what Baby has in mind! The girls have accompanied me to every one of my check ups (until Mara started school). They take great pride in coming to my appointments, eating a 'minty', hearing baby's heartbeat, and being my helpers. The midwives have their patients do their own "lab work" testing protein and glucose levels. The girls take turns each week with this special task and feel very important doing so.
That's all for now . . .

Preparing for Baby

Notice doll in swing, pretend pacifier in Sonna's mouth, crib mobile, and Sonna sitting on the Boppy. Everything I have gotten out for the baby has been tried out by sister Sonna and her dolls. She adores all things baby! I washed the Boppy cover when I got it out earlier this week and yesterday washed it again when I noticed it was covered in Teriyaki sauce. Sonna is always The Baby when she and Mara play House and that's not because Mara wants to be the Mom all the time. Sonna has also showed signs of classic regression in doing some Baby Talk as well as wanting to be pushed in the stroller rather than riding her bike or scooter. Having said this, she just might be the most excited one of us all for this baby to arrive! She is constantly talking about baby "When will baby come? Tomorrow? When our baby comes . . . " She also announces to people that she will stay home with Mommy and Baby and help change Baby's diaper and then start preschool after Christmas. Today she said, "When is Christmas?" She also cried this morning and said, "Why does Mara have to go to school?" Perhaps Mara starting school has been as big of an adjustment for Sonna as for Mara. Two weeks ago Sonna started crying when we were out running errands and Mara was a school. I asked her "Are you feeling sad?" She replied, "About Mara". Then I started crying too.

Yesterday Mara said, "When the baby comes out, I bet she'll be like 'Huh, you're my sister that's been making all that noise?!" So true. Baby will be well acquainted with her big sisters' sounds - speaking voices, yelling, singing, squealing, etc. Mara always gives one hug around my middle and says "For Baby" and one hug higher up "For My Mom". Both Mara and Sonna love to kiss my tummy and sometimes make farting noises and laugh hysterically. They seem to be well connected already.
Jedd's mom comes tomorrow, I'm due the next day (9/18) and we wonder when Baby will choose to enter the world. Then my mom comes the following week. We will be well cared for during this transition time!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mara and Daddy Flipping Flapjacks

We planned to have Grandma Joan's oatmeal pancakes for supper with added blueberries. Mara learned to flip pancakes at Grma's house this summer. When she saw me mixing the batter, she asked me "Oh, can I flip the pancakes?!" I said, "Mom doesn't have patience for that tonight but maybe your dad does". Jedd said he'd supervise. My ability to be flexible and/or patient these days (39 1/2 weeks pregnant) is scarce.

Thank goodness for Dads! Doesn't she look proud? Mara did an excellent job!

The End of the Cardboard Houses

I didn't know if we'd ever get to dispose of the cardboard boxes. They've been a permanent fixture in the living room since Jedd brought them home back in April. It's September and the girls sure made full use of their play houses. They even decorated them with markers, artwork, and fake flowers. Last week when we brought them outside some of the neighborhood boys were being too rough with Mara's house and she came to me with tears in her eyes and said, "They are ruining my house". I brought it back inside and that night Jedd and I broached the subject that we would need to recycle them in the next few days. Much protest! But on Saturday, Jedd apparently convinced them that the time was right and they enjoyed the destruction.

The Girls in the Hood

We had a surprisingly sunny Sunday and the neighborhood kids all came outside to enjoy the day. They love playing at our house with the girls' wagon and plastic kitchen dishes. Here they used a rope to pull the last two girls on a skateboard. Cool transportation.