Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Dresses from Grandma Joan & Grandpa Lanny

The girls received a lovely package from Grandma Joan. They love their dresses! We feel very blessed that both Grandmas like to shop for their grandkids. We have purchased very few clothes for the girls because we've been given wonderful hand-me-downs and gifts of clothes.
Overheard this week:
As I was ordering a new prescription for Sonna's vitamins (we don't have flouride in the water here), I spelled her name for the pharmacist. When I got off the phone Sonna asked, "Why did you say S O N N A?" (She knows how to spell her name). I said, "I was ordering your vitamins from the pharmacist". Sonna: "You ordered my vitamins from the farm?"
When I told Sonna she'd see her Grandma Margaret in 3 days she said, "Oh, my gosh! That's amazing!" (It was precious, although we are trying to ignore the 'oh, my gosh' so it goes away).
Sonna has been very interested in "talking" on her cell phone which may be a block, a magnet, or an Elmo toy phone. This week Sonna talked to her Grandpa Lanny and asked if he could play. Another time I was on the phone with my mom and I asked Sonna if she wanted to talk. She said, "I already talked to Grandma Margaret on the phone". Hilarious, because she had 'talked' to Grandma Margaret on her toy phone.
Apparently Mara has been absorbing a lot in Sunday School these days. There was a short clip on the news about Jesus (it's Holy Week) and Mara said, "Did you know that some men put a sharp crown on Jesus' head and made him bleed?" I need to remember how important it is to be reading to her from her children's Bibles because she is a sponge!
We are off to Seattle to spend Easter weekend with Mat, Stephanie, Claire, Simon, Penny, and my parents. We'll even get to see my cousins, Daron and Richard and their families! I'm looking forward to seeing green and blooming trees and flowers!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday and Easter Egg Dying

First of all, after seeing the pictures on the previous post, my mom said, "Do you think Sonna needs sunglasses?". Hilarious! Yes, once she pointed it out to me!

Second of all, it is Palm Sunday and it was so fun to watch Mara and Sonna (Sonna in the lead) march around the church waving their palm branches. Mara held hers straight up in the air.

We'll leave on Thursday for Seattle to spend Easter with Mat and family and my parents. So today we dyed Easter eggs. It was quite an experience! I was aiming for not hard boiled eggs, and not soft boiled but medium boiled eggs and I thought we'd enjoy an easy supper. But evidently I didn't let them boil enough and it is pictured here. Eeewww.
On another note, Mara is completely hands off when it comes to her hair. She won't let come near her with a comb. So she throws in a barrette and calls it good. And it's okay.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Parade in Kalispell, MT

I took the girls to the St. Patrick's Day parade at 4 PM. It was really fun and when the kids next to us showed up with plastic grocery sacks we knew there would be lots of candy. It would be a great parade for my candy loving girls!
When we were driving home Mara asked me, "Can I be in the parade next year?" I said, "I think so. I'm pretty sure it's open to anyone. What would you like to do in the parade?". Mara: "Ride my scooter". Me: "Oh, like those three girls rode their scooters?" Mara: "Yes. And if one foot gets too tired, I will just put both feet on my scooter and than use my other foot. And did you notice that the parade didn't move too fast?". This is my Mara who is a FULL participant in LIFE. She's not one to be a spectator in life. Never one to miss out.
Today Sonna asked if we could stay at Mara's preschool for circle time. I encouraged her to ask Teacher Carol. Carol was kind to welcome us and she had prepared a special St. Patrick's Day Irish song with hand actions. Sonna found her own circle floor rug and when I sat down beside her, she said, "Mom, don't sit by me". Oh, good grief. This is my not quite 3 year old and already she didn't want me to sit by her. I said, "Oh, okay" and then asked Mara if I could sit by her and thankfully Mara thought that was okay. Sonna was so dutiful to listen and participate and later Carol said, "Did you notice who was able to sit still the whole circle time?". It was Sonna. She will be an old pro when she begins preschool in the fall. And I feel blessed being their Mom.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sonna and her Baby

Sonna continues to love her baby dolls. Now they go to daycare with her, the coffee shop, and church. Lately, she's been nursing them under her shirt. I imagine this is her way of preparing for our baby. The girls keep asking, "When is summer coming?". They know the baby won't be born until after summertime. :) Uffdah. A long wait for these little ones. And maybe their mommy too. (Grandma Margaret is fixing the fabric that goes on the stroller to hold the baby. Sonna figured out her own temporary solution.)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mara's Creativity

Mara had fun playing with playdough last week and made this fun creation. She was pretty pleased. Notice the detail in the toes. :)

A Bag Lady

Did I tell you we have a bag lady in the house? Sonna loves collecting things in bags and carrying them all around the house or put her bag over the handle bar on her bike. She is full of spirit and zest these days. She'll say, "I'm never gonna play with you again" or "I'm never gonna go camping with you". We are trying to teach her that these statements are unkind and not very helpful to any situation even if she is mad. But I know the absolutes ('never' and 'always') feel kind of good to use in the moment. :) (She is pictured above in another Sonna Original Outfit).

Playing with Babies

Sonna especially likes to play with her baby dolls. In particular, she likes to bathe them and change their diapers. Mara joined her this time too. Most of the time, they have a lot of fun playing together.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Crafty Aunt Becca

My sister has a wonderful blog full of her latest crafting, scrapbooking, party ideas, faith stories, recipes, and special quotes. She took a class recently and learned how to make fabric flowers. I suggested she make them for headbands and ONE week later they arrived in the mail for the girls! The girls were thrilled with their special package from Aunt Becca.
Her blog is: Take a look!