Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Dresses from Grandma Joan & Grandpa Lanny

The girls received a lovely package from Grandma Joan. They love their dresses! We feel very blessed that both Grandmas like to shop for their grandkids. We have purchased very few clothes for the girls because we've been given wonderful hand-me-downs and gifts of clothes.
Overheard this week:
As I was ordering a new prescription for Sonna's vitamins (we don't have flouride in the water here), I spelled her name for the pharmacist. When I got off the phone Sonna asked, "Why did you say S O N N A?" (She knows how to spell her name). I said, "I was ordering your vitamins from the pharmacist". Sonna: "You ordered my vitamins from the farm?"
When I told Sonna she'd see her Grandma Margaret in 3 days she said, "Oh, my gosh! That's amazing!" (It was precious, although we are trying to ignore the 'oh, my gosh' so it goes away).
Sonna has been very interested in "talking" on her cell phone which may be a block, a magnet, or an Elmo toy phone. This week Sonna talked to her Grandpa Lanny and asked if he could play. Another time I was on the phone with my mom and I asked Sonna if she wanted to talk. She said, "I already talked to Grandma Margaret on the phone". Hilarious, because she had 'talked' to Grandma Margaret on her toy phone.
Apparently Mara has been absorbing a lot in Sunday School these days. There was a short clip on the news about Jesus (it's Holy Week) and Mara said, "Did you know that some men put a sharp crown on Jesus' head and made him bleed?" I need to remember how important it is to be reading to her from her children's Bibles because she is a sponge!
We are off to Seattle to spend Easter weekend with Mat, Stephanie, Claire, Simon, Penny, and my parents. We'll even get to see my cousins, Daron and Richard and their families! I'm looking forward to seeing green and blooming trees and flowers!

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