Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Parade in Kalispell, MT

I took the girls to the St. Patrick's Day parade at 4 PM. It was really fun and when the kids next to us showed up with plastic grocery sacks we knew there would be lots of candy. It would be a great parade for my candy loving girls!
When we were driving home Mara asked me, "Can I be in the parade next year?" I said, "I think so. I'm pretty sure it's open to anyone. What would you like to do in the parade?". Mara: "Ride my scooter". Me: "Oh, like those three girls rode their scooters?" Mara: "Yes. And if one foot gets too tired, I will just put both feet on my scooter and than use my other foot. And did you notice that the parade didn't move too fast?". This is my Mara who is a FULL participant in LIFE. She's not one to be a spectator in life. Never one to miss out.
Today Sonna asked if we could stay at Mara's preschool for circle time. I encouraged her to ask Teacher Carol. Carol was kind to welcome us and she had prepared a special St. Patrick's Day Irish song with hand actions. Sonna found her own circle floor rug and when I sat down beside her, she said, "Mom, don't sit by me". Oh, good grief. This is my not quite 3 year old and already she didn't want me to sit by her. I said, "Oh, okay" and then asked Mara if I could sit by her and thankfully Mara thought that was okay. Sonna was so dutiful to listen and participate and later Carol said, "Did you notice who was able to sit still the whole circle time?". It was Sonna. She will be an old pro when she begins preschool in the fall. And I feel blessed being their Mom.

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