Tuesday, December 4, 2012

in case you don't know who the tooth fairy is...

Annika forwarded this email to me, written by a mom whose daughter is friends with Mara.

Hi Annika,
I had to relate a story to you so you could enjoy a good chuckle. Katie lost a tooth yesterday and put an envelope under her pillow with it for the tooth fairy. She told me that she was going to "fake sleep" so she could see the toothfairy, even though she already knew her. When I questioned her, she told me that Mara told her that she once fake slept and saw you putting her money under her pillow, so she knew you were really the toothfairy. Katie looked at me and said, "See, I told you I knew the toothfairy. It's Mara's mom!" :) She is convinced that your job is being the toothfairy! I love their innocence at this age! 

a quick story

Hello everybody. Becca here. Annika's sister. Turns out Annika is quite busy with three girls while working as a social worker at a hospital. Life in Minnesota is packed full for them and though she says often how badly she wants to blog, she rarely has the time.

But the woman has stories unending from her little girls. And as a proud aunt, I believe she HAS to get back here to write some of these herself. Until then, I'm going to hijack her blog and report her stories for her. Because they are so good.

For example. Last night Annika took Sonna and Mara to Patina after supper. Annika was looking through a book called The Happiness Project (has anyone read this? I've seen it too...looks compelling) while her girls took in the lovely displays that Patina seems to be best at. That store is so, so gorgeous. Annika was trying to get a feel for this book, but her girls kept interrupting her, "mom, look at this! Isn't this cute? Oh mom, this would be perfect for baby Elsie! Mom, we have to get this!"

Annika told me on the phone that she was just about to tell her girls to simmer a bit. That she was trying to read. And then Sonna blurted to her, "Mom! Everything is so beautiful I'm getting the tears."

Annika said she went right to the check out area. The woman asked if she needed help and she said, no I need a pen and paper. My daughter just said the sweetest thing.