Tuesday, December 4, 2012

in case you don't know who the tooth fairy is...

Annika forwarded this email to me, written by a mom whose daughter is friends with Mara.

Hi Annika,
I had to relate a story to you so you could enjoy a good chuckle. Katie lost a tooth yesterday and put an envelope under her pillow with it for the tooth fairy. She told me that she was going to "fake sleep" so she could see the toothfairy, even though she already knew her. When I questioned her, she told me that Mara told her that she once fake slept and saw you putting her money under her pillow, so she knew you were really the toothfairy. Katie looked at me and said, "See, I told you I knew the toothfairy. It's Mara's mom!" :) She is convinced that your job is being the toothfairy! I love their innocence at this age! 

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