Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rock Painting

Mara wanted to paint rocks this afternoon. A good idea! I think the large one in the forefront is actually part of the landscaping but I didn't really think about it until after it was painted. If you look closely you'll notice Sonna had an outfit change in between pictures. She changed into her swimsuit, something she does at least once a day these days, no matter it was only 60 degrees with a cold wind.
Jedd is working long days for his Memorial Day Weekend Work Retreat at camp. Solo parenting is wearing me down. I heated up chicken noodle soup for the girls for supper. When I put it on the table and turned around to get napkins both girls protested loudly. Sonna said, "I wanted Macaroni and Cheese!" Mara said, "This doesn't taste good at all". And she was right. It was low sodium/Healthy Choice. So, I got the salt shaker and invited them to add a little salt. All better.

Daddy's Birthday

We bought a cheesecake and fresh strawberries at Costco for Jedd's birthday cake. He loves cheesecake and now I do too. We gave him an i-Pod for his birthday and he was pretty pleased. The girls made lovely cards. It was a good evening together.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Three cheers for baby girls! We learned that baby #3 is a girl. Sonna had been hoping all along for a baby sister. The night we found out, Sonna leaned over my stomach and said, "I WANTED a girl! I WISHED for a girl!" So very sweet. We know how to do girls around here and we are so thankful to know all is well with our baby girl. We had another ultrasound this week because baby was breech and the tech could not get a good look at her spine. Her spine looks great. And previous concern that she might possibly have dilated kidneys was also shown to not be an issue. So we are grateful and excited around this house. Jedd said, "I'd much rather have three girls than three boys". (:

During the second ultrasound at 20 weeks, the baby turned directly toward the girls' voices when they came over to the exam table and began talking to me. That was pretty sweet.

Yesterday Sonna came into our bathroom and took one glance at me in my tank top and underwear and said, "Mommy, you are so pretty with our baby." Such a lovely thing to say AND to hear!

At bedtime each night the girls pull up my shirt and kiss the baby and talk to her. Mara said, "Baby, I'm your biggest sister." Sonna said, "Can you hear me? . . . She said "Yes!" Another time Sonna said, "She said, 'Doe A Deer'!" Funny kids.

In the car Mara said, "Mom, I love you". Then Sonna said, "I love our Baby".

The girls have mentioned several names they think we should name our baby. Sonna initially said Fiona (a la Shrek?) and then settled into Katie Leu (after her favorite camp counselor). Mara decided she liked the name Lila but when encouraged to name her new stuffed puppy dog that instead, she liked the idea. (:

At 24 weeks, I am quite round and in need of more summery maternity clothes. I've never been pregnant in the summer and the only place to buy maternity clothes within 100 miles is Target. I look forward to shopping with my mom in MN next week! I'll see if I can take a picture of the baby's ultrasound picture and post it here. So far the flash has washed it out.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Much Anticipated Camping Trip

The girls have been asking to go camping since January. When I looked at the forecast on Monday and saw that it was going to be 70 degrees by Friday, Mara asked if she could start packing! (Note the girls' Hello Kitty suitcases, plenty of wood for campfires, and the four inch think foam pad on the bottom that Jedd brought especially for me - his pregnant wife who gets sore hips at night. I actually slept well!)
We went to Lake Mary Ronan State Park, just 25 miles south, and found this secluded campsite. When we got there, Mara said, "There are so many trees; that's weird". I responded, "That's because we are in the forest". Mara said, "We are? . . . Are there bears?!"
We arrived around 5:30, started the fire for roasting hot dogs and brats, and set up the tent. I think it would be fair to say that we all experienced a bit of euphoria. We definitely have two little campers on our hands!
The girls received these cute red chairs from the neighbor kids for their birthday. They were so happy to have their own chairs to scoot around the campfire.
We spent several hours by the lake throwing rocks, resting, and watching the boats come in and out. I think the girls found all the action at the boat lift very exciting - a truck backing up with a trailer pulling a boat and suddenly seeing the boat floating in the water and a few minutes later, speeding across the lake.
Love Sonna's face!
Roasting marshmallows for Smores! Mara LOVES fire. She was always poking it with a stick or adding a small evergreen branch to watch the sudden flames.
Jedd made us eggs and sausage for breakfast! It was a three course meal: cereal first, then sausage and eggs, followed by more Smores. We were on a mini-vacation.

So happy.
Mara doesn't go on any trip without her Word Finds!
At the boat launch (which doubled as a jungle gym).
We were gone less than 24 hours, but it sure felt like a 'get away'. After packing up our campsite, we drove 10 miles further south to check out another State Park on Flathead Lake where the girls could swim the next time we have a camping overnight. Maybe next weekend?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jedd's Beds

Jedd made the girls each a doll bed for their birthday. The girls have loved setting up their babies in the new beds inside their cardboard box homes. (Yes, the boxes are still in our living room and continue to be enjoyed!)
When I first saw the way the girls had situated their dolls and the bedding Mara exclaimed, "Mom, we both have two babies without anything broken . . . Not even legs!"
I can explain. One of the dolls we have has lost an arm and a leg and although Jedd has tried to throw her out a few times over the year, I always reason that it's good for the girls to play with a doll that isn't perfect, one with a disability of sorts. I don't know if it has made any impact or not, but maybe it's similar to my parents giving my brother a black baby doll when he was little?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Grandma Joan's Birthday Visit

Grandma Joan always makes a special effort to come for the girls' birthdays and it has become a much anticipated tradition!
The girls received wonderful new art supplies and the girls had fun drawing and coloring with Grandma.
Mara's silly pose at her birthday breakfast with Grandma.
We even got to celebrate Grandma's birthday the day she arrived! (one day late)
We all wish we could see each other more often.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sonna is 3 years old!

After a week full of birthday celebrations, we decided to forgo more cake and head to the Dairy Queen. We met Jedd at the DQ after lunch and sang Happy Birthday to Sonna complete with a tiara candle in her chocolate dipped cone.
Early morning breakfast with dad before he's off to work. Proud Daddy!

These pics are out of order, but later in the day the girls planted seeds in a mini greenhouse they received as a gift from friend Lilly.

Sonna and her baby doll enjoying the sunny evening in her new chair.

We went to the playground at the elementary school in Lakeside where Mara will go to kindergarten next year. The girls played on the equipment, rode their scooters, and even made a new friend.
Since "Mean Mom" is no longer heard in our house, Sonna received a new scooter to replace the one we had taken to the Salvation Army as a consequence a few months ago. She was so pleased!
This pic was taken on Mara's birthday but it is SO SONNA!

So is this one!
Sonna is a wonderful little girl! She is so expressive, snuggly, compassionate, sing-songy, bright and chatty. It is a joy to be her mom and dad. She will be a fabulous big sister to our baby-to-be!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mara is 5 Years Old!

Five years ago today our lives were forever changed when Mara Ida Jane was born! She is a delight and is so loving, bright, thoughtful, perceptive and fun!
Did I mention she's quite entertaining? She and Grandma Joan made a homemade chocolate cake for her birthday and cupcakes to bring to preschool tomorrow.

Grandma Joan gave her a musical jewelry box with a twirling ballerina. This was a HUGE hit and Mara played the music for the better part of the day. I love this picture of Mara.

Mara and her Dad freeing her Hello Kitty sunglasses from the packaging.

Nearly two months ago the girls picked out these umbrellas and had to wait until today to open them. Luck would have it that it was a rainy day and so they enjoyed their umbrellas when we went to Whitefish with Grandma.

We had a fabulous birthday breakfast at LouLa's in Whitefish. Grandma treated!

The girls had a wonderful day together. We let Sonna open some of her gifts early, especially ones that were the same as Mara's. (It was too hard for her to understand otherwise and Mara didn't seem to mind sharing her birthday one bit).

Mara blew out her candle! The waitress at LouLa's let her pick out a candle and that's what she used in her cake.

We have avoided most things Princess until now. The girls were delighted with their Princess gifts (plates, board game, bubble blower) from Aunt Becca and Uncle Rory. They were equally delighted with their new colored pencils, paints, and fancy crayons from Auntie Sara and Uncle Mike. They spent hours this afternoon creating beautiful art. And Mara was thrilled with her fancy night gown from Grandma Margaret. She wanted a silky 'gown' like Sonna's Care Bear one. Mara's has Tinkerbell on it. They wore them most of the day on this rainy day. Such thoughtful gifts. Mara was so pleased with her special presents.
I was awake at 3 AM and pulled the covers up on the girls. Mara woke up and asked, "Am I five yet?" I said, "Yes! Happy Birthday!" Then she said, "Mom, I feel like I have a loose tooth". I told her I'd wiggle it in the morning and said, "God bless you". She woke at 7 AM on the button and cuddled with Grandma Joan in bed for a bit before coming into the kitchen and discovering her presents. Throughout the day Mara often said she felt taller and even said her 'skin is stretching' as she grows. She is such a great kid and her mom and dad are so proud of her!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Two Little Girls Have a Birthday Party

Mara's activity schedule. Pin the tail on the whale, presents, cake, fish for beach ball party favor, fish with gummies, bingo, musical chairs, and chalk. Thanks to Aunt Bec for the great ideas.

Practicing fishing before the party begins (for a gummy worm).

Yes, look at that growing belly! We hung streamers from the ceiling fan. Lots of decorating with streamers.

Sonna has always loved climbing and heights! My dad just had a foot injury after standing on a ladder for too long without wearing good sturdy, shoes. Sonna said, "I need to wear shoes like Grandpa Paul said so I don't hurt my feet like he did". Then she proceded to get her pink flip flops.

This was close in time to Mara's pre-party meltdown. She cried and repeatedly said, "I'm too tired to have my birthday party today". Oh, poor kiddo. She was right. Having a party after going to Sunday School and sitting through church was too much for my 5 year old. Pretty impressive she can tell us exactly how she's feeling. She's always been good at that. Notice the whale she drew on the cardboard for Pin the Tail on the Whale. I showed her a picture of a whale on the computer, she glanced at it for a second and then walked to the living room and drew this whale. Pretty darn good free-hand drawing. And to think I insisted she draw it in pencil first when she was ready to go with the marker. No wonder she resisted.

Friend Ivy goes fishing and friend Mara bites the worm.

Jedd gives the instructions as the kids watch carefully. (:

And the cardboard boxes continue to be a hit!

Sonna enjoys licking off her candle.

Silly faces: Sonna, Lilly, Mara, Clara, Baylee, Blair, Ivy, Sam and Liam. Kenzie wanted to sit at the little table.

And she blows out the candle on her pink frosted confetti sprinkled cupcake!

It was a lovely party. Started at 2pm and ended at 4pm. Nice timing.