Friday, May 7, 2010

Sonna is 3 years old!

After a week full of birthday celebrations, we decided to forgo more cake and head to the Dairy Queen. We met Jedd at the DQ after lunch and sang Happy Birthday to Sonna complete with a tiara candle in her chocolate dipped cone.
Early morning breakfast with dad before he's off to work. Proud Daddy!

These pics are out of order, but later in the day the girls planted seeds in a mini greenhouse they received as a gift from friend Lilly.

Sonna and her baby doll enjoying the sunny evening in her new chair.

We went to the playground at the elementary school in Lakeside where Mara will go to kindergarten next year. The girls played on the equipment, rode their scooters, and even made a new friend.
Since "Mean Mom" is no longer heard in our house, Sonna received a new scooter to replace the one we had taken to the Salvation Army as a consequence a few months ago. She was so pleased!
This pic was taken on Mara's birthday but it is SO SONNA!

So is this one!
Sonna is a wonderful little girl! She is so expressive, snuggly, compassionate, sing-songy, bright and chatty. It is a joy to be her mom and dad. She will be a fabulous big sister to our baby-to-be!

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