Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rock Painting

Mara wanted to paint rocks this afternoon. A good idea! I think the large one in the forefront is actually part of the landscaping but I didn't really think about it until after it was painted. If you look closely you'll notice Sonna had an outfit change in between pictures. She changed into her swimsuit, something she does at least once a day these days, no matter it was only 60 degrees with a cold wind.
Jedd is working long days for his Memorial Day Weekend Work Retreat at camp. Solo parenting is wearing me down. I heated up chicken noodle soup for the girls for supper. When I put it on the table and turned around to get napkins both girls protested loudly. Sonna said, "I wanted Macaroni and Cheese!" Mara said, "This doesn't taste good at all". And she was right. It was low sodium/Healthy Choice. So, I got the salt shaker and invited them to add a little salt. All better.

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