Sunday, May 2, 2010

Two Little Girls Have a Birthday Party

Mara's activity schedule. Pin the tail on the whale, presents, cake, fish for beach ball party favor, fish with gummies, bingo, musical chairs, and chalk. Thanks to Aunt Bec for the great ideas.

Practicing fishing before the party begins (for a gummy worm).

Yes, look at that growing belly! We hung streamers from the ceiling fan. Lots of decorating with streamers.

Sonna has always loved climbing and heights! My dad just had a foot injury after standing on a ladder for too long without wearing good sturdy, shoes. Sonna said, "I need to wear shoes like Grandpa Paul said so I don't hurt my feet like he did". Then she proceded to get her pink flip flops.

This was close in time to Mara's pre-party meltdown. She cried and repeatedly said, "I'm too tired to have my birthday party today". Oh, poor kiddo. She was right. Having a party after going to Sunday School and sitting through church was too much for my 5 year old. Pretty impressive she can tell us exactly how she's feeling. She's always been good at that. Notice the whale she drew on the cardboard for Pin the Tail on the Whale. I showed her a picture of a whale on the computer, she glanced at it for a second and then walked to the living room and drew this whale. Pretty darn good free-hand drawing. And to think I insisted she draw it in pencil first when she was ready to go with the marker. No wonder she resisted.

Friend Ivy goes fishing and friend Mara bites the worm.

Jedd gives the instructions as the kids watch carefully. (:

And the cardboard boxes continue to be a hit!

Sonna enjoys licking off her candle.

Silly faces: Sonna, Lilly, Mara, Clara, Baylee, Blair, Ivy, Sam and Liam. Kenzie wanted to sit at the little table.

And she blows out the candle on her pink frosted confetti sprinkled cupcake!

It was a lovely party. Started at 2pm and ended at 4pm. Nice timing.

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