Monday, May 3, 2010

Mara is 5 Years Old!

Five years ago today our lives were forever changed when Mara Ida Jane was born! She is a delight and is so loving, bright, thoughtful, perceptive and fun!
Did I mention she's quite entertaining? She and Grandma Joan made a homemade chocolate cake for her birthday and cupcakes to bring to preschool tomorrow.

Grandma Joan gave her a musical jewelry box with a twirling ballerina. This was a HUGE hit and Mara played the music for the better part of the day. I love this picture of Mara.

Mara and her Dad freeing her Hello Kitty sunglasses from the packaging.

Nearly two months ago the girls picked out these umbrellas and had to wait until today to open them. Luck would have it that it was a rainy day and so they enjoyed their umbrellas when we went to Whitefish with Grandma.

We had a fabulous birthday breakfast at LouLa's in Whitefish. Grandma treated!

The girls had a wonderful day together. We let Sonna open some of her gifts early, especially ones that were the same as Mara's. (It was too hard for her to understand otherwise and Mara didn't seem to mind sharing her birthday one bit).

Mara blew out her candle! The waitress at LouLa's let her pick out a candle and that's what she used in her cake.

We have avoided most things Princess until now. The girls were delighted with their Princess gifts (plates, board game, bubble blower) from Aunt Becca and Uncle Rory. They were equally delighted with their new colored pencils, paints, and fancy crayons from Auntie Sara and Uncle Mike. They spent hours this afternoon creating beautiful art. And Mara was thrilled with her fancy night gown from Grandma Margaret. She wanted a silky 'gown' like Sonna's Care Bear one. Mara's has Tinkerbell on it. They wore them most of the day on this rainy day. Such thoughtful gifts. Mara was so pleased with her special presents.
I was awake at 3 AM and pulled the covers up on the girls. Mara woke up and asked, "Am I five yet?" I said, "Yes! Happy Birthday!" Then she said, "Mom, I feel like I have a loose tooth". I told her I'd wiggle it in the morning and said, "God bless you". She woke at 7 AM on the button and cuddled with Grandma Joan in bed for a bit before coming into the kitchen and discovering her presents. Throughout the day Mara often said she felt taller and even said her 'skin is stretching' as she grows. She is such a great kid and her mom and dad are so proud of her!

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