Friday, May 28, 2010


Three cheers for baby girls! We learned that baby #3 is a girl. Sonna had been hoping all along for a baby sister. The night we found out, Sonna leaned over my stomach and said, "I WANTED a girl! I WISHED for a girl!" So very sweet. We know how to do girls around here and we are so thankful to know all is well with our baby girl. We had another ultrasound this week because baby was breech and the tech could not get a good look at her spine. Her spine looks great. And previous concern that she might possibly have dilated kidneys was also shown to not be an issue. So we are grateful and excited around this house. Jedd said, "I'd much rather have three girls than three boys". (:

During the second ultrasound at 20 weeks, the baby turned directly toward the girls' voices when they came over to the exam table and began talking to me. That was pretty sweet.

Yesterday Sonna came into our bathroom and took one glance at me in my tank top and underwear and said, "Mommy, you are so pretty with our baby." Such a lovely thing to say AND to hear!

At bedtime each night the girls pull up my shirt and kiss the baby and talk to her. Mara said, "Baby, I'm your biggest sister." Sonna said, "Can you hear me? . . . She said "Yes!" Another time Sonna said, "She said, 'Doe A Deer'!" Funny kids.

In the car Mara said, "Mom, I love you". Then Sonna said, "I love our Baby".

The girls have mentioned several names they think we should name our baby. Sonna initially said Fiona (a la Shrek?) and then settled into Katie Leu (after her favorite camp counselor). Mara decided she liked the name Lila but when encouraged to name her new stuffed puppy dog that instead, she liked the idea. (:

At 24 weeks, I am quite round and in need of more summery maternity clothes. I've never been pregnant in the summer and the only place to buy maternity clothes within 100 miles is Target. I look forward to shopping with my mom in MN next week! I'll see if I can take a picture of the baby's ultrasound picture and post it here. So far the flash has washed it out.


  1. What wonderful scrapbooking and journaling you are doing for your girls!!And a big bonus for us is being able to read it immediately and have a glimpse of your family! So glad you are coming next week! Love, Mom

  2. So fun to read all about you and how everyone is reacting to the new baby!! what an exciting fall it will be for all of us. Hope Jedd has a good work bee weekend. we just got the newsletter from camp. looks like it should be a good summer for all. we surely hope so. love to all. see you soon!! DAD

  3. your girls are so sweet! thanks for sharing.