Sunday, March 28, 2010

Palm Sunday and Easter Egg Dying

First of all, after seeing the pictures on the previous post, my mom said, "Do you think Sonna needs sunglasses?". Hilarious! Yes, once she pointed it out to me!

Second of all, it is Palm Sunday and it was so fun to watch Mara and Sonna (Sonna in the lead) march around the church waving their palm branches. Mara held hers straight up in the air.

We'll leave on Thursday for Seattle to spend Easter with Mat and family and my parents. So today we dyed Easter eggs. It was quite an experience! I was aiming for not hard boiled eggs, and not soft boiled but medium boiled eggs and I thought we'd enjoy an easy supper. But evidently I didn't let them boil enough and it is pictured here. Eeewww.
On another note, Mara is completely hands off when it comes to her hair. She won't let come near her with a comb. So she throws in a barrette and calls it good. And it's okay.

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