Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Silly Sisters and the Bread of Life

The girls have so much fun together. In another week and a half, Mara will be 5 and Sonna will be 3. They have 45 minutes of quiet time each day and they like to be together in the play room and keep themselves entertained quite nicely. Lately, Sonna has started saying "Come on, Sis!" when she wants to show Mara something or is leading the way outside.
Today Sonna was playing at the coffee table while I was sitting on the couch. Sonna said, "Body of Christ given for you". Communion is Sonna's favorite part of weekly worship. She asks, "Is it time for bread yet?" And you should see her nearly skipping down the aisle, holding her precious little hands together to receive the chunk of bread and then so carefully receive her little cup of grape juice. Mara and Sonna started receiving communion when they were old enough to eat food. This is such a beautiful practice at our church back in Minneapolis, Grace University Lutheran. When we moved to Montana and joined Eidsvold Lutheran, Pastor Wayne said the church would honor our previous tradition (of having toddlers receive the bread) as a sign of hospitality. This was a big shift for Eidsvold and we are thankful for their flexibility. If my not quite three year old can say the words, "Body of Christ given for you" in her play, she surely knows something of God's love for her.

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