Sunday, April 18, 2010

Grandma Margaret's visit

After our Easter in Seattle, Grandma drove back with us and spent the week with us. It was wonderful! The day she left on the train, Mara said "I wish Grandma was just coming today and was staying this whole week!" They soaked up all the extra attention and so did I. We accomplished some projects (sorting toys, washing some windows, and figuring out what summer clothes will fit the girls this summer). Our girls love to play games and they certainly get that from their Grandma Margaret. So lots of games were played this week: UNO, Sorry!, Candyland, Sequence and even puzzles. And Jedd and I enjoyed a night out and some extra TLC this week. The top picture is of the Hello Kitty Suitcases on rollers that the girls received as an early birthday present from Grandma. Lucky girls! Here are some pictures of the week.

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