Friday, October 22, 2010

Meeting Her Wonderful Grandmas

We are immensely blessed with wonderful mothers and grandmas! Grandma Joan came the first week and Grandma Margaret came the next two. The time flew by. We were so well cared for. Lots of love and attention to go around for the girls, Jedd and I, and Baby Svea, of course. We ate well, enjoyed a clean house and appreciated support during the night. It was so sad to see them leave! The first week without a grandma actually went pretty well. We still had meals in the freezer, food in the fridge and the laundry was all washed. Second week was a little more stressful for lots of reasons but even so, everyone was fed and dressed each day!
Svea will be blessed to meet both her Grandpas in Minnesota at Thanksgiving! We are all looking forward to that trip.

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