Thursday, December 5, 2013

Grandpa Paul

My parents come each Thursday to get the girls on the bus and watch Svea when I work.  Mom does my laundry and Dad vacumns and does other helpful things.  I am blessed.  Today Mom was in Mankato celebrating her birthday with her sisters so Dad came solo.  He came at 8:15 and the girls greeted him at the door with hugs and screams "Grandpa!".  Svea said "Come in the closet to see my glow in the dark nail polish!".  Mara and Sonna painted nails this morning, Svea's too, with their new polish.  My 6 foot 3 Dad went in Svea's closet with all three girls to see their glow in the dark nails waving around excitedly.  Next, my Dad went out into the cold (7 degrees) to clear the snow off my van and warm it up so I didn't have to.  A labor of love.  Then he sectioned a grapefruit at Mara's request for her school snack.  :)

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