Saturday, November 7, 2009

No Problem

Sonna is exactly 2 1/2 years old today. I had to work hard to find a picture of her with some clothes on. This morning she said to me and Mara, "I could share my banana. No problem. It's big one." No problem? Kids say the funniest things.

Aunt Becca was here this week and we had a fabulous time together. Becca left early this morning for the airport. When Mara woke up at 6:30 she immediately asked "Is Aunt Becca already gone?". I said, "Yes, and she's already missing you". Mara said, "I miss her too". Then she said, "Was she sad?" I said, "Yes". She said, "Are you sad?" I said, "Yes". Mara understands sisters.

1 comment:

  1. I am sad! I want to see you more often than every few months.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love you!!!