Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

We had a wonderful Halloween! We went to a fun party at Lilly, Sonja and Greg's at 4PM. It was a warm day as far as Halloween's go (in Montana or Minnesota). Sonna's cozy Bumble Bee costume was just right for the weather. It's what she wore last year and has been in the dress up clothes since then. Last week she declared that she was going to be a Bee this year. Sounded good to me! (Since then I discovered she was a Bee her very first Halloween too as a 6 month old!) Mara was a lovely Fairy and enjoyed her wand and fancy dress, but most of all spending time with her friends. After Lilly's party we went to her preschool classmate's house. Dicey and sister Libby are Mara and Sonna's age and we joined them last year too for Trick or Treating. We came back to our house by 8PM and had just a few kids come to the door but Mara was pretty excited to hand out candy. (I had left a bowl on the steps with a note saying "Happy Halloween. Help yourself to a piece of candy". This cracks me up because I tend to think of kids as being as conscientious as I was but several people suggested that it was likely some kids dumped the whole bowl in their bag. Who knows?) Mara was exhausted and so was Sonna and bedtime had to be quick tonight. We'll see how late they sleep considering it's Daylight Savings tonight.

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