Sunday, October 4, 2009

Two Haircuts

Sonna got her first haircut last week. We went to a new little salon that opened in Lakeside and advertised $10 back to school haircuts. Even though school had been in session for 4 weeks already I asked for the $10 special and the woman kindly agreed. Sonna sat perfectly still. Mara was a little concerned about getting her haircut by someone other than our camp counselor friend, Bree. But Bree moved to Seattle so Mara had her first experience in a salon too and she seemed to enjoy it. They both got an inch and a half off the ends. Their hair gets tangled easily, especially during their sleep! Mara is famous for her bed-head! Mara is also growing out her bangs. So that was haircut #1. Haircut #2 happened in the corner of our living room when I decided to check on the girls one more time before I got in the shower. Sure enough, Sonna was standing dutifully still while Mara cut her hair with the kiddy scissors. They both had that look on their face; can you picture it? (: Thankfully, Mara had only cut two, half inch sections from the bottom of Sonna's hair. I found the little tufts of blonde hair on the floor. So I gathered all the scissors in the house (my girls LOVE cutting and we have 8 or 9 pairs of scissors) and had a "No Scissors" day. When I was Mara's age I cut the neighbor girls' bangs quite drastically. She was a model. Kelly's Mom wasn't too happy.

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