Saturday, October 10, 2009

Aunties and Uncles

Sonna asked me to take this picture of her. She is such a charmer at 2 1/2. We call her "Sonna-shine" and she'll proudly say "I'm Sonna-shine" or tell me "You Sonna-shine's Mommy".
Our girls love their aunts and uncles and pray for them every night at bedtime. Last week when I was putting Sonna to bed (Jedd and I alternate nights with each girl), I gave Sonna a kiss and said "That's from your Grandma Margaret". I proceded to do it for Grandpa Paul, Grandma Joan, and Grandpa Lanny. Sonna looked up and said, "Who else?". I said "Uncle Mike" and she smiled and said, "Yeah, Uncle Mike, I love him . . .and Auntie Sara". Then we added Aunt Becca, Uncle Rory, Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Mat. She knows her aunts and uncles well and knows how much she is loved by them and that means the world to me especially since we are all spread out these days.

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