Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First Dance Lesson

After hearing wonderful things about the new dance studio in Lakeside and having Mara ask, "When can I take dance lessons?" at least once a week, we registered Mara for dance class. Her dear friend, Lilly, shown with Mara, is in the class too and they held hands as they walked in. (: Mara had a ball! She learned first and second position and at the end she even had the chance to dance across the floor all by herself. She twirled the whole way and her teacher caught her arms at the end so she didn't fall over from dizziness! For as much as Mara seemed to love it, I may have enjoyed it even more! I love these pictures. Sonna sat in my lap and watched quietly for the half hour lesson. On the way home Mara asked if she and Sonna could take lessons together when Sonna turns 4. Very sweet.


  1. I'M COMING MARA!!!! I GET TO COME TO SEE YOU DANCE!!! AND I CAN'T WAIT!!! Love you guys so much!!!

  2. These could possibly be the most precious pictures ever. (Sometimes I feel like I say that for every picture I see of my lil' nuggets!).