Friday, April 1, 2011

Foolin' Around

Becca was my inspiration for making this day extra special. Truthfully, it couldn't have come on a better day. I think we were all in Recovery Mode after Grandma Margaret left yesterday. We had such a sweet time together and it was sad to see her go. So the fun we had with April Fool's Day was much needed. Becca sent several links with great ideas for April Food's Day pranks to play on kids. Becca suggested I print out the above Word Search for Mara. I did but the funniest part is that the joke was on ME! Mara spent a good 15 minutes on it and was getting frustrated. She had found 3 words and kept asking me for help. Normally, she is a whiz at word searches. I found a word for her "Pranked" after searching for awhile. When she kept complaining that she couldn't find anymore words I said, "Mara, if it's too frustrating, walk away!". Turns out, the only words that were in the word search said "YOU HAVE BEEN PRANKED" but I never noticed that! Joke was on me! I laughed so hard when Becca helped me put two and two together over the phone. Mara sort of got the joke. I think.

Becca sent a few links with suggestions for food pranks. I had decided I would do an easy one. I made cherry jello and put it in our juice glasses and let it set in the fridge. It looked just like Cranberry juice. The only problem was that Mara smelled the jello when she came out of her room during quiet time. Bummer! Then Sonna came running out when she heard the word "Jello" and told Mara she saw the box of Jello. They still played along. The best part though was that they were in on the joke when their Daddy got home and they offered him a glass of cranberry juice. So fun. They also talked to Aunt Becca on the phone this afternoon and she told them to put kleenex wads in our shoes. So when we put our shoes on to go out to eat tonight, we both had trouble getting our feet in! They were delighted.

But my favorite prank of all was the Sponge Cake. Becca's sis-in-law, Lisa, replied to us all on Becca's initial email and said she was going to buy kitchen sponges and frost them. I was so pleased to find an un-opened sponge in my closet (Thanks, Deb!). I was also excited to find frosting and sprinkles in my cupboard! I cut the sponge in half and frosted it. The girls seriously tried hard to cut into their 'cake' and even picked it up to bite into it. I am lucky I got any pictures in focus because I was laughing so hard. Jedd too. And we all needed that laughter. It was a great way to end the day. (The girls were happy to have one of Grandma's brownies as a delicious substitute).

So, Happy April Fool's Day Everyone! Thanks, Sister, for loving us and encouraging us from afar!

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