Sunday, April 3, 2011

Grandma's Visit

The girls had made a list of all they wanted to do with Grandma while she was here. At the top of Sonna's list was "Go to Buns by the Lake and eat on the dock". It was a chilly, rainy week but since the weather never improved, we bundled up and did it anyways! A good memory for sure and something that will surely end up on Sonna's list again.
My mom made the pretty stained glass Easter eggs hanging in the window. Svea loves watching her sisters!
Grandma brought a fun craft project for the girls. They stuffed pieces of yarn (left over from the Prayer Shawl ministry at their church) into mesh bags and hung them outside for the birds to use for nest building.
The girls get their love of playing games from their grandmas!

Tummy time on Grandma Margaret!
Enjoying some new books that Grandma brought in her suitcase. Sonna always LOVES unpacking grandma's suitcase!
So happy to spend time with Grandma! I only wish I had a picture of my mom and me. She took very good care of ME this week. Thank you, Mom!

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