Monday, May 16, 2011

Blue Eyed Sisters

Notice Sonna's hands in this progression. All I can say, Svea, is that you will get your payback time when you get older should you choose!

A side story:

Mara told me that a 7 year old boy was bugging her and her friends on the bus. She said, "He kept saying 'Hi'." When Sonna heard this she suggested, "Just say 'Excuse me, please stop saying Hi'."

I also want to add (mostly so that I remember) that Sonna plays out scenes from her favorite movie "Beezus and Ramona". When you get older, Sonna, you should see how much of it you recall. As a new 4 year old, you like to assign roles (you are always Ramona), direct the scene including dialogue straight out of the movie, and your favorite scene to act out is when Ramona is on the monkey bars on the playground. That, and when Ramona packs up her suitcase. You do have a flare for the dramatic.

1 comment:

  1. I laughed until I got tears in my eyes. Just say, "excuse me, please stop saying hi." That is my new favorite matter of fact Sonna-statement. Thank you for that laugh tonight.