Monday, May 9, 2011

The Girls' Birthday Party

I wish I had one good group shot but truthfully, we're lucky I managed to take pictures at all! We had 15 kids here (7 of those are sibling sets) and the weather was cold and rainy so we were inside. Several of the parents stayed as well so there were 29 of us in our living room/kitchen! The kids played some games (thank you, Aunt Becca, for the good ideas!) and had corn dogs for lunch and ate cake. This was a party of Little Things - the girls received Littlest Pet Shop sets, little necklaces, little tea sets - and just last week at Svea's check up the doctor suggested we take a refresher CPR class in case Svea would swallow and choke on such little pieces. *Sigh*

The party was from 10 AM to Noon but everyone stayed until 1 PM which was just fine. When they left Sonna said, "Why did everyone leave?!" and Mara appeared exhausted and said, "There were too many people here". OK. You are right Mara. Next year you can have your own party. The girls are blessed to have such good friends!

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