Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our 3 Girls

I think this was taken Saturday morning while the girls were watching cartoons. It is so fun to see the relationships between the girls. Svea lights up when we pick up Mara from the bus after school and Mara delights in her. Sonna gets many smiles from Svea too but also a very specific cry when Sonna is hurting her or Svea is afraid she's about to. My mom even recognized this cry during her visit when Svea was first born! Yesterday Sonna scraped Svea's head with the edge of a piece of paper when I was looking at the snack sign up sheet at preschool. When I heard Svea's cry I turned around to see 5 scratch marks. It was as if Svea could handle the first 4 but it was the fifth one that put her over the edge. Poor baby! Other times, Sonna seems to be the one to get the biggest laughs out of Svea. They do love each other very much but sometimes Sonna doesn't know how to channel all that love for loving touches. It will come!

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