Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sonna's First Day of Preschool!

This was at the breakfast table this morning. All the girls in their cozy fleece pj's! Mara started preschool in the fall when she was 3 years old so we planned to start Sonna in the fall when she was 3 years old too. But last summer Sonna began telling us that she didn't want to start preschool yet. So Jedd and I talked about it and decided there really was no rush and we would listen to her wishes. So last summer I told Sonna that she could stay home with me and the baby and then start preschool after Christmas. From that moment on, she told everyone who asked "I'm going to stay home with the baby and then start after Christmas". And now it's officially 'After Christmas' and Sonna was SO excited to start school! Kids are smart and clearly Sonna knew what she needed.
She had her lunch packed by 7:30 AM. Sonna and Mara decided they wanted to have the exact same food in their lunches. :) Sonna brought a Christmas cactus to school as well. Each child tends to their plant during the school year. Hopefully she'll have better luck with her plant than I typically do with mine!
As a point of comparison, this was Mara when she and Sam started preschool in September of 2008. (I wasn't blogging then so I thought it would be fun to share this picture of Mara).


  1. What fun! I hope she had a wonderful day. And I can't believe how little Mara looked. They get big so fast!

  2. Happy first day of preschool Sonna! Your Seattle cousins hope it went well!