Monday, January 10, 2011

Overnight to Missoula

Look at this joyful baby! This captures Svea. She is so content and happy.
We went to stay with our friends, Cristian and Sarah Borge, and had a great time! The girls went sledding with Sarah in her backyard, we had a dance party in their basement with friends Julie Engh and 2 year old Everett, enjoyed wonderful Chilean food made by Cristian, went to church and ran into some favorite former counselors, met Kels and Jess (counselors) for lunch, and saw Julie and Greg's new acreage. It was an excellent 24 hour 'trip'!
Borge's camera is awesome. She and Cristian took these pictures.
Many, many games of UNO were played! Lydia, another camp friend, came over for the evening too. She also got in on the Hide and Seek action.


  1. Oh Annika! These pictures are awesome! And capture so much life and personality of each person. Svea is stunning. And the picture of her with you and Jedd is so content and happy. I love how much your girls love Christian and Borge. What a great 24 hour get away.

    And I love that you're nursing while everyone else is playing Uno. That's so me right, don't mind me tied down to this here couch while you all have fun and play games! :)

    Oh, and I LOVE Sonna's skirt worn over her pj's. That girl can get me to laugh out loud three states away without even trying.

  2. *sigh* I'm so happy you were able to get down to Missoula to see so many amazing people. A hint of jealousy clouds this note but What a blissful 24 hours. I love it.