Friday, February 19, 2010

The Happiest Part

We bought a Story Reader at the second hand shop before we drove back to MN for Christmas. It helped the girls pass many miles on the 1,300+ mile road trip. It came with 10 Disney stories. I don't care for Disney stories (you know - the mom always gets killed or separated from her children - Lovely, Disney) so my kids haven't seen Disney movies or read Disney stories. Until now. Sonna loves listening to the stories read aloud by the Story Reader and she'll sit for an hour at a time putting in a new cartridge and finding the corresponding story. Lately, she'll call whomever is in the house saying, "COME, this is the happiest part!" She knows that the 'And they lived happily ever after' part is happy and compared to the Scary Parts in the stories the Happiest Part is her favorite part.


  1. The Happiest Part. I love that. Seems like it should be the title of a book or something.

    It does seem horrible that the mama's are always killed. Strange, really.

  2. So strange that I never really put that together, but it's so true...I wonder why?

    Aasta, I decided, has Sonna-esque facial expressions of late. I'm going to try and capture them!