Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Train!

We were blessed to fly home to be with Joan and Lanny (Thanks Paul and Margaret!) and then blessed to take the train back to Montana (Thanks Lanny and Joan!). The train ride was filled with anticipation for the girls. When we got on the train at 10:30PM, the girls were still wide awake and when we got settled in our little sleeper car, Sonna kept saying "I love the train!". The girls were thrilled to sleep on the top bunks! And they slept well; Mommy not so much. Our breakfast and lunch were included and we had a lot of fun eating, playing games, playing House in our sleeper car, and hanging out in the observation car. One of our bags was forgotten on the train and took a ride to Portland but came back safely to Whitefish the next day. It was a good thing because it contained half of the girls' clothes, good shoes, my shoes and boots, AND our computer hard drive. Thank you, Amtrak!


  1. Rory LOVED these pictures. He loves how happy your family always is. That you guys treasure each other so well. (This is evident in how Mara is hanging off of you like a baby monkey, and Sonna is tucked in so tightly in to her daddy.)

  2. It is SOO fun to see pictures of your family! Wish I had visited before now but thanks to Becca's post today I have found my way here (after viewing your mom's wonderful blog).
    I heard your news!!! Yay! Wish we could see you in person but it is a blessing to see the pictures. Hope you are feeling well. Please greet Jed and the girls for me!

  3. I love these pictures. It's really too bad you four never have any fun.