Saturday, February 5, 2011

Baby Svea

Sara loaned us her Moby Wrap. I really like it and Svea likes it as long as I keep moving until she falls asleep. (Mara took this picture the first week of January - a budding photographer!)

Svea has the sweetest little cry. It's a cross between a grunty whimper and a "Hey, Mom, when you get a minute, could I please get some milk?" This baby is so 'go with the flow'. I have said Thank You to Svea many times after marathon errand running in town, sitting contently for an hour in her carseat next to me while I sit in the dentist chair, and being able to nap through her loud sisters. (I swear, Mara and Sonna's volume is getting LOUDER by the day).

I just wanted to post a bit about Svea. She's growing so fast!

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  1. Oh my goodness! When did you update your header?!! And side pictures?!! I am so impressed!!! and in a crazy coincidence, I, too, updated my header tonight! What are the odds?!!

    Love all the pics on sweet with Svea and Grandma. LOVE YOU!!!