Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentines for Classmates

Mara included sparkly stickers and pretty ribbon on her Valentines. She carefully wrote each of her classmates' names and was so eager to bring them to school today to put in each person's mailbox. Before breakfast this morning Mara finished one for her teacher.

Sonna worked so hard writing the names of her classmates on her Valentines. I think she was pleased with herself. If you go around in a circle starting on the left her classmates are Teah, Kieran, Quinn, Kian, (Teacher) Cohen, Hayden, Colton, Ayla, Sonna (She made one for herself first!), Maddox, Alli, Libby, Liam, and in the middle are Aiden and (Teacher) Carol.

I enjoy Valentine's Day and our girls do too! It's fun to be a bit crafty and share some love. Having said that, the only Valentine that is in the mail is to Aunt Becca. Sonna made one for her during her quiet time yesterday. Hopefully Sonna will want to make a few more for Grandparents this morning and we can mail them this afternoon.


  1. oooh that represents ALOT of patience (on the part of Mom and Dad) and persistance on the part of the girls!!!!WOW!!!!!!

  2. ivar and i are inspired! wait until you see what i amputting himthru in the name of valentines day! i love this crafty holiday so much!!!