Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Pile Up

This past week was somethin' else. Jedd was gone hosting a retreat group at camp from Friday to Monday. I got a nasty cold Saturday and was just thankful it wasn't the flu bug that Jedd had the previous week. Sonna got the cold too but it didn't seem to slow her down much. The girls both did headers into the door jam - Sonna's at full speed. We were so close to seeing blood spill out of her head. She's had quite the steady stream of accidents. Thursday night while I was at a meeting at church, Sonna and Mara were playing (the kind of play that goes from laughter to crying in a blink) and Sonna hurt her arm, so much so that she would scream if we even approached her to check it out. If you ask her how it happened she'll say, "Um, we were playing Wipeout and . . ." (Jedd's favorite TV show where people essentially do ridiculously risky obstacle courses). The x-rays didn't show any broken bones but she did come home with a tiny little sling. It's Saturday night and she's started crying in pain again. She keeps her arm straight at her side. So maybe a trip back to Urgent Care tomorrow? At any rate, this pile of wet diapers and dirty clothes is one indicator of the mess.
This, too, shall pass. Mom, was that your saying?

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