Saturday, February 12, 2011

One Activity at a Time

Mara is taking her 4th and final Saturday morning ski lesson at Blacktail Mountain today. She has improved so much! She loves her helmet and goggles. :) Yes, this is the 3rd winter Mara has worn her winter coat! Next winter, a new one, and it will be DARK so when she brushes against the dirty car it won't matter!
Sonna starts swimming lessons on Monday. It's twice a week for 4 weeks in the evenings which feels like a big commitment but we've heard great things about the teachers. If only it would be a combo Dance/Swim Lesson class Sonna would be all set! Mara will take lessons next month and she has been asking to take lessons for a year now so I'm glad she can do it too. (I intended to take the girls to lessons last summer but at that time I would have been required to get in the pool with Sonna and that just didn't sound too appealing when I was 9 months pregnant. Actually, in the pool would have been fine, but the extra trips into town and changing in and out of swim suits with two girls is what seemed too much for me).

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  1. I love these pictures to support your stories. Mara wearing her helmet and goggles under Svea's play gym is so very Mara, and Sonna wearing her princess swimsuit with socks and headband feels so veyr Sonna. Miss you guys so much.