Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mara's Kindergarten Graduation

It's hard to imagine Mara will be a First grader!!! The Kindergartners had a Slide into Summer graduation ceremony in which their teacher announced their name and then they went down the slide in pairs. Mara is pictured above with our neighbor, Willow, and on the slide with Natalee.

Home free! (:

Mara has been blessed with some very good friends. She and Lilly have known each other since they were 16 months old and Aubrey is a new friend this year. Both of their moms, Sonja and Cheryl, have been close friends of mine too. I will really miss them!

Audrey, Skyler, Willow, Mara, Natalee, and Macie. All ready with their graduation hats.

Afterwards, Mara suggested we go to the Dairy Queen to celebrate. Jedd and I thought that was a great idea! We are so proud of you, Mara!

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  1. WhaaaHoooo Mara! Well done seniorita! Do you remember when you first started kindergarten and the days seemed so long and you were SO TIRED by the end of the week! And now you're a pro! So proud of you.