Wednesday, June 8, 2011

These Are The Days

Here's Mara. She decided to pose for the picture. Oh, there is a lot going on inside that 6 year old head of hers. Mara is needing lots of hugs and kisses and I'm treasuring that she wants them and accepts them. (The new readers, Mara and Linnea McCrady, brought books out for their lawn party. Love it.)

This picture captures Sonna in true form. She's giggling at herself and entertaining the rest of us. Her direct quote right before I took this picture was, "I just tooted on the timer!". Hilarious child.

Svea isn't one to throw out smiles real frequently. She typically has a rewarding smile for her Mama, Daddy, and sisters but otherwise it seemed as though she might have been storing up her smiles . . . until now. My sister or my mom pointed out to me that she smiles with her eyes. And it's true. Even if her mouth isn't flashing a smile, her eyes often are. But now, at nearly 8 1/2 months, it seems as though her smiles come more freely. She's always been a super easy going, deliciously content baby, but it sure is fun to see her beautiful smile. Svea's latest trick (which includes full body smiles) is peek-a-boo. She even initiated it yesterday using her changing mat. So fun!

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