Friday, June 3, 2011

Svea and her Grandpas

Svea is so blessed to have three grandpas! We have had the opportunity to travel back to MN twice in the last month! The first time all five of us drove back for a special work week at Jedd's parent's farm. Last week, Svea and I flew back for my friend Alecia's wedding. We arrived on Grandpa Paul's birthday and these pictures were taken that day.

We visited Grandpa Lanny in the nursing home in Minneota, MN the week we were at the farm. I love the way he is holding her hand in this picture. We so wish the girls could have known their grandpa when he was whole and healthy.

Svea likes to pull on strings, usually the strings on Jedd's hoodie sweatshirt. Here she is playing tug-o-war with her grandpa's lap belt. She is delighted in him!

We also stopped for a visit with Grandpa Stan Sather in Madison, MN. They were quite taken with each other too. Grandpa Stan's eyes lit up when he saw Jedd!

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  1. Svea looks so adorable. These pictures are so special with her grampas.