Monday, December 14, 2009

Mara's Dance Recital December 2009

Ok, so the top picture was taken after the recital when we went to Tamarack for pizza after the recital. Mara, Lilly, Sonna, and friends had a ball playing dance in the restaurant, entertaining people as they ate. The next picture doesn't actually have Mara in it, but I can't make it disappear. The next picture was taken after the recital of Mara and Lilly showing us their dance poses. The last picture is of Mara and her proud Mommy just before the recital. Our video of the actual dance that Mara did won't upload. Ugh.
Mara danced beautifully. She had a blast and was so excited! Her wrist band fell off during the dance and she walked straight forward and gave it to her teacher. (: Very cute.

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  1. So sweet! Simon and Claire Helen say they like the sparkles.