Monday, December 7, 2009


I was singing "Away in a Manger" with the girls at bedtime tonight. When we finished verse 3 (my favorite), Mara said, "Mom, our voices sound alike". I said, "I remember thinking the same thing when I was a little girl . . . Grandma Margaret likes to sing". Mara responded, "Definitely Aunt Becca". So true. Aunt Becca likes to sing! She has a song for *everything*.

Our daycare provider, Lisa, told me that Sonna was singing Annie's "The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow" this afternoon. My girls usually have a tune to sing or a sound to make. (Sometimes very loud sounds).

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  1. I'm walking on sunshine! oooohhh. I love hearing that Mara associates me with singing! I think we all get it from Grandma Bredberg and her non-stop humming.