Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa and Such

A dear man from church asked Jedd if we would like Santa to visit our house. Oh, boy, YES! We knew Mara would especially enjoy it. So he came to our house and even brought the girls a present. Ironically, he gave Mara the exact Fairy coloring book that she had asked for a few weeks ago at the grocery store! (:

Mara watched Santa as he left the house and said, "Mommy, he has a car".

Mara's Christmas list (she hasn't made one but I've been keeping my own list as she tells me what she wants) includes:
a pink umbrella, a booster seat (she's wanting to graduate from her carseat), CD's: Annie, Mary Poppins, and The Sound of Music, a kid sized shovel, and I added a mug - she and Sonna fight over the silly "Love Me, I'm Norwegian" mug with a heart on it everytime!

Jedd worked late hosting groups at camp two nights in a row which meant I had to do bedtime by myself. It's not the time of day that I do my best parenting. I'm tired out and ready for some Me time. Well, I found myself answering Mara's 'Why?' question with, "Because I'm the Mom". Sonna quickly added, "Yeah, Mommy's the Mom" and then skipped down the hall saying, "Watch me skipping!"
This afternoon Sonna said to me, "Because I'M the Mom!" Oh, good grief.

We've been talking a lot about babies and such since Auntie Sara just had a baby. (:

Jedd was with the girls during bathtime tonight and told me that Mara said, "Sonna, did
you know that babies come out of our vulvas?" to which Sonna replied, "That's scary". I'm not kidding. Earlier today Sonna had a flip flop in her undies and said, "It's my tampon". Oh, to be the daughters of a healthy sexuality educator!


  1. Hysterical. All of it. "That's scary" oh my word, that is so funny that she said it that way! And Santa! I am so happy for Mara that Santa came! And that he drives a car :)

  2. How did I miss this post???Your girls are hilarious and I am now even more impressed with Sonna's vocab! Great seeing you this week and it's good to hear that you are home safe and sound!