Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I have always been so lucky to have wonderful older cousins, and parents who made it a priority to raise us together (meaning we got to spend lots of time with our cousins as kids). So this Thanksgiving felt so special when I got to see Daron and Richard when we were in Seattle spending the holiday weekend with Mat, Stephanie and kids. It was a great Thanksgiving for many reasons: great to be with my brother Mat, get to spend time with Stephanie, see Mara and Sonna love their cousins so much, and see all 13 cousins play together and love each other so well. (Daron has 5 children, Richard has 3, Mat has 3 and our 2 = 13!) The sun was even shining so we enjoyed time at the park (see the parade picture above) as well as sharing a Thanksgiving leftover lunch. I am blessed!

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  1. This picture of everyone walking to the park is amazing. It's so artsy, even with Claire's leg kicking off her scooter. I think it's cool that while you were enjoying your cousins, your kids were enjoying their cousins.