Friday, July 2, 2010

Double Sister Trouble

This pregnancy could be called the No Nap Pregnancy because I have literally had 4 or 5 naps total during the past 7 months. Today is a cool, rainy summer day and I decided I should try to lay down for 20 minutes while the girls played quietly during their afternoon quiet time. (Each day they have 40 minutes to play in their room quietly since they have outgrown naps).

During the 20 minutes I was in my bed, the phone rang twice. Mara picked it up both times and at least she got one message. I have no idea who the other person was, but it probably doesn't matter too much. Sonna came bounding in my room at the end of the 20 minutes and said "We touched the strawberry pie!". The girls and I had just finished making a lemon pie to bring to our friends', The McCrady's, for dessert tonight. Mara was so guilty she tried to open her mouth wide as not to reveal her smile and she literally turned her head away. When I got to the kitchen to see the damage, there were perfect little finger holes all over the meringue. I don't like meringue anyways.

Then, I noticed all our high school and college diplomas were on the coffee table and floor. I told them the things in the red dresser (good dishes, important things like diplomas) were not to be touched. (I know: Good luck, Annika.) When I was putting them back in a pile to put away, I noticed Mara had written "Lily" on the inside cover of my graduate school diploma. Lily is Mara's dear friend. Then Sonna had scribbled on another one. I saw the pen on the coffee table.

Earlier today, a balloon popped in Sonna's face. She cried and I said, "Are you hurt or did it just scare you?". Sonna promptly darted her eyes in Mara's direction and Mara whispered, "Hurt". Sonna repeated, "Hurt". The bigger sister evidently knows which answer will elicit the most sympathy.

I can just imagine in another year or two the title will be "Triple Sister Trouble". (:

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