Saturday, July 10, 2010

Minnesota Road Trip Part 3

After the Twin Cities, we drove to Hendricks to Grandma Joan and Grandpa Lanny's farm. It was a gorgeous summer day and the girls loved swinging on the pillow swing, laying in the hammock, meeting the baby kittens at the neighboring farm, and exploring all around the farm. The next day we went to visit Grandpa Lanny at the nursing home in Minneota. It was Joan and Lanny's 38th anniversary so we brought ice cream, strawberries and an angel food cake from the bakery in Hendricks to celebrate.
Hendricks is usually very windy as seen below! Our girls are so lucky to have such wonderful grandmas! Such a treasure to be loved by grandparents.
My mom was lovely to help me drive back to Montana with the girls. Even though I had originally thought I could do it on my own like I did last summer, it was definitely one of those times when "Mother Knows Best". I was exhausted and am so thankful for her company and all her help getting us home again.
Next stop was Omaha where Becca and Rory live. We arrived in time to see Becca's camp and hear her give the message for the closing worship that week. It was great to see her 'in action'. She is so gifted. It was a blessing to see each other because it is the only time during our pregnancies that we will have that opportunity. We swam twice the next day - at the hotel pool and at the outdoor pool near their apartment = a banner day for Mara and Sonna!
Sharing some love with Aunt Becca and Uncle Rory.
We packed in a lot of fun in about 24 hours in Nebraska!
I am thankful for the opportunity to take this trip. We are fortunate to get back to Minnesota two and sometimes three times a year. That is a gift. Our girls are so well connected to their Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles and Cousins and that means the world to us!

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